Development background and product performance of anti-lost agent (odor agent)


1. Research and development background of anti-lost age […]

1. Research and development background of anti-lost agent (odor agent): In real life, the waste of water caused by human factors and non-human factors is undoubtedly a huge cost investment for long-term production of enterprises. The invention and application of the anti-lost agent bring dawn to the major merchants, and the waste of water resources is obviously contained, reducing the production cost of the enterprise.

2. For most enterprises, the use of anti-lost water agents can effectively prevent water waste, which enables enterprises to achieve huge economic and social benefits in energy conservation and consumption reduction. The losses caused by residents stealing hot water in the pipeline are incalculable. First, the heating in other households is not hot, and the second is the heating cost of the heating company.

3. Social Benefits of Anti-Water Loss Agent (Smell): In the current social environment, when the existing resources are very scarce, the invention of anti-lost agents is undoubtedly in line with the development of the times. Reasonable use of anti-water loss agents can save water resources, so anti-lost agents become a good helper to save water resources.

4. Since the heating system has adopted pipeline heating, the phenomenon of a large number of residents stealing hot water from the hot network pipeline has always existed, and the reason for the residents to steal hot water is to obtain free hot water. For this reason, the heating company loses hundreds of tons or even thousands of tons of water every day. It needs to constantly replenish a large amount of cold water. When the heating is stopped, the heating cost of the heating company is huge. Adding anti-water-repellent agent is a helpless operation of the heating company. After the water system is seriously dehydrated, the air enters the pipeline, causing the pipeline to be partially hot, which affects the heating quality.

5. Economic benefits of anti-lost agent (odor agent): The performance characteristics of anti-lost agent mainly include safety and environmental protection control, artificial water loss, non-toxic and harmless, stable thermal performance, obvious effect, fast onset, efficacy Lasts longer. Anti-lost agents can also help find underground leaks for timely disposal and avoid unnecessary economic losses. It can prevent corrosion and descaling, form protective film, anti-corrosion and scaling, without any sedimentation substance, cold water is dissolved, long-term use will not block the radiator and heat exchange system equipment.

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