Heating anti-water loss agent development history


In the cold winter, enterprises and institutions in nor […]

In the cold winter, enterprises and institutions in northern China are heating more than 85%, using hot water heating system with water as working medium, while some heating users use a lot of hot water for bathing, washing, mopping, car washing, etc. for personal benefit. . The water network system is dehydrated, causing the following problems to occur:

1. Due to excessive water loss, the balance of the secondary heat network system is out of balance, and normal heating cannot be performed.

2. Bringing hidden dangers to the safe operation of the heating boiler in the pipe network system. In severe cases, the system is paralyzed and causes a major accident.

3. Waste of fuel, water and electricity resources, keeping heating costs high.

4. Increased the workload of the furnace workers.

In order to solve the above problems, our company has developed anti-water-repellent agent (also called odor agent)!

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