Heat exchanger cleaning agent overview


Overview Because the plate heat exchanger transports ho […]


Because the plate heat exchanger transports hot water for a long time at high temperature and high pressure, it can easily adsorb a layer of dark black or dark brown dirt on the surface of the plate, thus reducing the working efficiency of the heat exchanger, while some heating enterprises do not use qualified softened water. Therefore, the dirt formed on the sheet is more stubborn and extremely difficult to clean. The traditional pickling and decontamination method easily destroys the original color and passivation protective film of the stainless steel sheet, reduces the corrosion resistance and service life of the sheet, and has a great influence on the environment and the human body.


Based on the market and customer needs, the company has developed a number of special cleaning agents for heat exchanger plates after many tests. This product has changed the traditional process of using medium and strong acid as raw material, and switched to new materials and imported raw materials. This product is completely free of acid mist and irritating odor. The cleaning agent-treated sheet can completely and completely remove the stubborn dirt adsorbed on the sheet, not only does not damage the original passivation protective film and color of the sheet, but also makes the original protective film more dense, and the surface color is more Bright as new. Thereby achieving the effect of cleaning and passivation.

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