Heating anti-water loss agent (solid)

Heating anti-water loss agent (solid)

Place of production: China
Business type: Manufacturer, exporter
Brand: Jiuyi Chemical
Specification According to customer requirements
Characteristics: Energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency
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Material details and type

Heating anti-water loss agent (solid)


Solid anti-lost agent (odor agent) is a special effect product specially developed for stealing boiler hot water. It has been praised as “energy saving treasure” by users of heating company. It has been proved by many years that solid anti-lost agent (odor agent) It has become an efficient method for heating heating companies to solve the problem of heating users to steal heating water.

The product uses advanced imported bio-featured odorants as raw materials, and the sense of smell of humans and mammals is extremely sensitive. It is a homologue of the main component of the scent of fox, and its derivative is allicin, which is a safe and reliable odorant.

Practice has proved that it directly saves water, indirectly saves coal, saves electricity, reduces the labor intensity of the furnace workers, and improves the thermal efficiency, and its economic benefits are considerable.

Another unique feature of this product is the special effect for the pipeline leakage of the heating system! Because it is currently the most convenient and efficient energy-saving product. Hot in the Northeast, Northwest, North China, etc., quite well recognized and praised by the majority of heating companies.

How to use: Put the odorant into the circulating water in any part of the heating circulation system.

Quantity used: Calculated according to the total amount of water in the heating system, the primary dosage is 10-20 grams per ton of water. The northeast, Xinjiang, and Mongolia regions can also be calculated by adding 100 grams per 3,000 square meters of heating area. According to the water loss of the pipeline under the heating system, the amount of consumption and the number of times of delivery can be increased or decreased as appropriate.

Duration: If the water-heating system's own water loss rate (non-missing) is less than 5%, the duration of one-time administration is about 2 weeks. If the amount of water stealing is too large, the dosage should be increased appropriately, and the dosage can be maintained for a long time.

In particular, due to the sensitive nature of the odor of the product, it has been proved that the appropriate increase in dosage can be used to find the leaking point of the pipeline in the trench.

Appearance: white, red, black powder, easy to dissolve water with a taste of solid.

Packing: This product is packed in paper tube, 25 kg per barrel.

Storage: Store in a low temperature and dry place with a shelf life of three years.

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