JYM-1 boiler slag decoking agent

JYM-1 boiler slag decoking agent

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Material details and type

JYM-1 boiler slag decoking agent



The high ash content in coal combustion and the low ash melting point are one of the reasons why the boiler is easy to coke. Whether or not coking occurs depends on the mineral properties of the coal. Under normal circumstances, the slag has cooled to a solid before it leaves the combustion center of the boiler and hits the heated surface, which only causes wear and does not cause coking. If the slag is still in a molten state when it collides with the heated surface, it adheres to the tube wall to form coking. When the load is high and high-sulfur coal is used, the temperature of the furnace rises, and a large amount of molten fluid is formed, which flows along the heating surface of the boiler.

At this time, the coking of the heated surface of the boiler is particularly serious, and a dense, highly cohesive coke block is formed. The coke block is gradually connected into a piece, and a large coke block is formed and falls down, instantaneously generating a large amount of water vapor, destroying the water of the slag machine. Sealing, at the same time, the bottom of the furnace leaks a lot of cold wind, causing serious deterioration of the pulverized coal flame in the burner area (especially in the lower row burner area). In severe cases, the furnace negative pressure can cause severe fluctuations (overrun) and cause the boiler. Extinguishing.

Boiler decoking and slag removing agent is a kind of solid decoking agent. It is the research result of the research and development team composed of senior engineers, boiler engineers and masters of Tieling Jiuyi Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. The company's R&D team provides the best solid-state boiler decoking and slag removal formula products for different furnace types and different coal types coking problems, and provides customers with a comprehensive combustion problem diagnosis service and operation adjustment optimization plan.

The company provides not only a product, but also a "solution and technical service" based on advanced technology to optimize boiler safety and economic operation.



Decoking, slag removing agent


1. Neutralize coal sulfur and sulfuric acid produced during combustion of sulfur, so that the low-temperature slagging becomes easy to fall off by itself, reducing the corrosion of sulfuric acid and sulfurous acid on the heating surface of the boiler.

2. It can make chemical changes of high-temperature dry slagging, reduce the melting point, and achieve the purpose of easy removal. Some of the dust can be discharged with the flue gas.

3. It can reduce the adhesion of coke, slag and heated surface, and will not damage the heated surface when removing coke, slag or self-shedding, thus improving their utilization rate.

4. It can passivate with the sulfate in the coke (such as iron sulfate and aluminum sulfate), and the aluminum chloride and ferric chloride formed by the reaction are easily sublimated, so that the coke is peeled off and loose, and it is easy to fall off.

5. After the coke and slag are removed, a thin layer of anti-corrosion film can be formed on the smooth metal pipe wall to protect it from sulfuric acid or sulfurous acid and prolong the life of the boiler.

6. Decoking and slag removing agent contain catalytic combustion agent, which can promote complete combustion of fuel and improve fuel utilization.


Decoking, slag removal agent effect

Slow down coking

After one week of use of the medicinal agent, the thickness of the original coke block of the boiler does not rise and has a downward trend; after half a month of use,

The coke block fell off a lot, the amount of slag increased significantly; the slag became loose and there was no large block; there was no large coking in the furnace hole when the fire hole was observed; the condition of the unburned zone was substantially improved after the shutdown.

2. The effect of decoking is obvious when using high-load and high-sulfur coal

The boiler continues to operate at high load and burns high-sulfur coal. Before using the chemical, the thickness of the coke of the boiler continues to rise, affecting the stable operation of the boiler. After adding the boiler to remove the coke and remove the slag agent, the coking and slagging of the heating surface of the boiler is obvious. Improvement, the thickness of the heated surface is increased to a certain extent and then falls automatically. The falling coke is loose and brittle.



Decoking, slag removal agent usage and dosage and economic benefits

1. Add method

The boiler decoking and slag removal agent is sent to the furnace through the raw coal bin, mixed with coal by the coal mill, and the appropriate raw coal bunk is added according to the severity of coking in each area of the furnace.

2. Add amount

When the boiler is slightly cokeed, the amount of decoking and slag removal agent is basically two to five tenths of the fuel; when the coking or slagging is serious, the dosage is appropriately increased to five to eight ten thousandths. When the situation is improved, the dosage can be reduced. Less than five ten thousandths.

The amount of slag removal agent attached to various boilers is as follows:

1-4 tons of furnace: 2kg / shift 4-8 tons of furnace: 8kg / shift 10-12 tons of furnace: 12kg / shift

20 tons furnace: 20kg / shift 30 tons furnace: 25kg / shift 35 tons furnace: 28kg / shift

65 tons furnace: 50kg / shift 130 tons furnace: 70kg / shift 410 tons furnace: 200kg / shift

3. Economic benefits

Within 15 days of using the boiler to remove the slag decoking agent, the coke accumulated in the boiler can be removed (continuous use to keep the heating surface clean): improve heat conduction and reduce heat loss. According to the current actual furnace test, the boiler thermal efficiency can be improved. 20%, the coal saving rate is 10-15%.

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